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We are changing company name to suit our specialties.

May 15, 2012
50 - Rotating Technicians
5 - Rotating Supervisors
5 - Workshop Managers

For German Rotating Maintenance Services Company based in Doha, Qatar. Click here for details.
May 15, 2012
100 Lathe Machinists for Doha, Qatar. Click here for details.

Jai-Kin Resources Corporation will be the favored recruiter of choice through continually providing our clients with world-class quality service, supplying competent workforces, constantly upgrading its facilities and systems and by strengthening ties with our clients. Jai-Kin is an advocate of the Filipino worker who believes in his innate capabilities and his desire to do quality work. We intend to bring the Filipino worker to every corner of the world and to make him more competitive in the global market.

Jai-Kin Resources Corporation is duly authorized and licensed by POEA under license no.
POEA-019-LB-041013-R to recruit, hire and process manpower for its accredited foreign principals.

JKRC sends its clients various weekly reports to help them monitor the progress of the recruitment. We also answer all client queries within a span of 24 hours after receiving such queries.

After a project’s completion, the company submits a final report to the client, which indicates visa and ticket utilization with the corresponding applicant names and the date of deployment.

Deployment Notification The workers’ flight schedules are forwarded to their respective employers three days in advance, and we wait for a confirmation “received” reply.

Employers are immediately notified of any changes. JKRC also notifies the employers of the categories, salaries, blood groups and the workers’ uniform and shoes sizes, among other things.

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